Turtle T. Turtleson

Coming from a family of fierce competitors, Turtle always knew that he would be a participant in the Great Race. And while he gives every race he runs the old Turtleson determination, his heart will always belong to his first love - flower arranging.

(You should see what he put together for his sister's wedding. It was really quite lovely. Stunning but understated...)

Bur to look at him tear up the racetrack, you wouldn't know that his head was filled with daffodils and dandelions. He ruthlessly (and adorably) pounds down the path focused on the finish line, destroying anyone and anything that gets in his way. It is how he was raised. It is the Turtleson way.

Robert "The Bob" Bunny

Born into a family of artists and entertaiers, while growing up, the race track was the furthest thing from Bunny's mind. His brothers would go on to be entertainers and spokesmen on a worldwide scale and aspired to do the same.

One day while writing a poem on the shore of Glowing Creek a gust of wind swept his parchment up and whisked it away. Running down the river's edge after that paper, Bunny discovered a new love... for speed. He felt the "need for speed", if you will, much like a junkie or a fighter pilot with enormous teeth.