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All Anyone Really Wants is a Cookie

In my experience there is no greater motivator in life than a giant cookie. Those of you that picked up the TVB collection that included a very special “Bunny loves cookies” side story already know how much our favorite rabbit will sacrifice for a piece of chocolate-chipped wonder. But I digress…

Today we’re officially unveiling the Victory Shirt! A shirt to properly celebrate Turtle’s win of the original race. The finished product is a little extreme, a little bloody… but any real Turtle fan knows that that’s the only way Turtle knows how to play. Check it out:

The shirts are currently only available on pre-order, and that period will last until the 15th of February. At that point we'll do a large order and anyone who ordered in the pre-order period should be representing Turtle by the end of the month. Thanks in advance to everyone willing to shell out some money without getting anything for a month. We realize it's a big thing for us to ask of you, but until we're big time we have to run it this way.

We're offering the shirts in regular T's and girls cuts because we know you're girlfriend is a huge Highlander fan too. Both shirts will cost 15 dollars, a little more expensive than our regular shirts because of the two colors. The extra 3 dollars is for BLOOD!

Plus, we're still carrying the classic TvB shirts that were used as votes in the first race. They won't count for points anymore , but you can still represent in style at the low price of 12 dollars.

As if that were it - BUTTONS!. We're offering a 5 piece TvB Button pack for only 4 dollars. In the set you'll find Bunny, Turtle, fan favorite Grandpa Turtle, an image of the two stars in the heat of battle, and the controversial "Bitch Button". A must have for any true TvB fan.

I realize I've unloaded a lot on you just now. Take a deep breath, relax… your pills. Now think about what 19 dollars will get you.

Thanks so much for the support guys and remember to keep reading! See you on Friday!

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